Get ready for I’m a Scientist!

I’m a Scientist starts on Monday, two weeks stuffed with creative questioning, exciting live chats and tenser-than-the-X-Factor eviction days!

Let’s meet the scientists competing for votes in the Heart Zone and the schools who’ll be challenging them…

The Scientists

Gemma Barron Postdoctoral, Robert Gordon University

I grow blood vessels in a lab!! I look at how inflammatory molecules released from fat tissues, in our blood, effect blood vessel development and look at what happens next.

Loan Ngyuen PostdoctoralThe University of Manchester

I learn about the how and why burgers and chips clog up your arteries and set you on fire.

Michael Schneider | Professor, Imperial College London

Because heart muscle cannot grow back when it’s damaged in a “heart attack,” we study ways to regenerate the heart using stem cells, and ways to protect human heart muscle grown in the laboratory.

Praveen Surendran Postdoctoral, Cardiovascular Epidemiology Unit, University of Cambridge

Through our research we aim to identify genetic variations that we inherit from our parents that are associated with various heart diseases.

Cristina Villa del Campo PostdoctoralUniversity of Oxford

I am looking for small vesicles that regenerate injured hearts

The Schools

  • Birchwood High School, Bishop’s Stortford
  • Christ The King Catholic Primary School, Leicester
  • Esher College Thames, Ditton
  • Grafton Primary School, London
  • Hayesfield Girls School, Bath
  • Kingsmead Academy, Taunton
  • Plymstock School, Plymouth
  • St James’ Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School, Wetherby
  • St Katherine’s School, Bristol
  • St Wilfrid’s Church of England Academy, Blackburn
  • St. Paul’s School, Barcelona
  • The Archer Academy, London
  • The Chauncy School, Ware
  • The Crypt School, Gloucester
  • The Farnley Academy, Leeds
  • The Highfield School Letchworth ,Garden City
  • The Whitehaven Academy, Whitehaven
  • Trinity C of E High School, Manchester
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