Thank you from your winner – Cristina!


When I joined “I’m a scientist-get me out of here!” I wasn’t really sure what to expect but it sure sounded like fun! I feel very grateful to have the chance to share my research (and my life really!) with all the students asking questions.

It has been a great experience, I have loved reading all the questions and trying my best to reply to things regarding not only my field, but the universe, religion, careers and just life!

The chats have been amazing, I couldn’t type fast enough! Found myself chuckling in the office and typing away until my fingers hurt. I ended up looking forward to them a lot, talking to the students in real-time has been so much fun, and has definitely made me want to share science and engage with students in more ways.

I’d like to thank everyone at “I’m a scientist”, from organisers to sponsors to the moderators for putting together such a terrific event, and also big congratulations to everyone in the Heart Zone, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I am happy I also got the chance to meet amazing scientists and share our research.

I want to finish by thanking all the students, the ones who voted for me and the ones who didn’t, the ones who asked many questions, the ones who just asked one, I hope you see Science with new eyes and feel like you want to keep on learning.

As my colleague Loan would say-carry on asking, it is the best way to learn!

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  1. 657hrtd35 says:

    well done Cristina

  2. 986hrtd52 says:

    Congratulations Cristina! I’m happy that you won, good luck!

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